An Introduction about us

We are a financial advisor company dealing in both Life Insurance and General Insurance products.

With our experience of over 15 years in this field we help our clients choose the best insurance policies based on their personal and professional needs. As your financial advisor we provide financial advice to our clients on life protection, risk protection, wealth creation, retirement, timely investments and other general products. We plan portfolios after a complete financial need analysis with clients, which includes assets and liabilities, tax status, existing insurance and risk analysis.

We also provide solutions for all your health Insurance related needs. With lifestyle and environmental issues taking us by a storm, securing health and wellness of self and your dear ones are a priority in today’s times. We utilize our knowledge to give you the best product suited in terms of your age, family, retirement and future financial goals. There are many variants of health plans too that are available specific to requirement like cancer protection plans, critical illness plans, Accidental Insurance plans and many others.

In addition, we also provide group insurance to small, medium and large scale business groups.

Within general insurance we offer Motor /vehicle insurance, Fire and Perils protection Insurance for both commercial and residential space. In fact we can help you with any kind of insurance that you may need.

Feel free to get in touch with us at getinsureddear@gmail.com for any financial advise. We will be more than happy to be included in your circle.